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Sea fish of Kamchatka


Shortraker rockfish

ScorpaenidaeThe back is deep red, the sides are red or pink; the body may have vague darker spots. The species is big in size; its length may reach 120 cm and weight – 20 kg. The catch is usually composed of specimens with the length of   40-60 cm and weight of 1.5-4 kg. Maximum age of life is 42 years. The population living near Kamchatka Pacific coast is observed at the depth of 300-550 m, which can be considered optimal. This species lives mainly on continent slopes with a compound bottom relief. Shortraker rockfish living near north Pacific coast of Kamchatka and North Kurils becomes pubescent at the age of 9-12 years reaching length of 40-60 cm; the females reach pubescence later than males. Shortraker rockfish is a live-bearer characterized by internal fertilization. Mating takes place in September-October in the meadows. The mating is followed by hibernation lasting until the spring.

Pacific ocean perch

The lower jaw protrudes forward significantly. The red-colored body is covered with dark irregular spots.  The species refers to a comparatively slowly-growing fish with a long age of life (up to 30 years).  The maximum length of this species is 53 cm, the maximum weight – 2 kg. Like shortraker rockfish, the pacific ocean perch is a live-bearing fish with internal fertilization. Mating takes place in September-October in the meadows at the depth of 260- 420 m. The mating is followed by a hibernation period during which the males differentiate in separate stocks.


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