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Sea fish of Kamchatka



Its length is up to 25 cm, weight – up to 65 g. This species lives near both coasts of the peninsula and western part of the Bering Sea. Spawning period begins in late June-early July. Spawning takes place at night time at full sea at the depth of 1-2 meters on the sand or gravel ground. After spawning, massive running aground is observed. When spawning is over, capelin goes far from the shore and lives in near-bottom areas disseminating in the sea.

Rainbow smelt

Its length is up to 34 cm, weight – up to 300 g. The age of life is about 10 years. Males are, as a rule, smaller then females. Rainbow smelt runs for spawning into most of big and small rivers on the western Kamchatka coast; though it may also be met near the eastern coast. It is a spring-run fish.  Spawning is made in the streams at the depth of 1-2 meters. The roe is laid on the ground, and then moved under the rocks where it develops. After spawning, the rainbow smelt returns to the sea; the total length of fresh water period of life lasts about 40 days. The rainbow smelt lives in freshened seawater and shifts farther into the sea only at winter; however, even at this period it keeps not far from the coast waters.
This species has a local commercial value. It is appreciated for fine taste; it is caught for sport, mainly for ice fishing.


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