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Sea fish of Kamchatka


CottidaeCottidae is one of the most common families in Kamchatka waters, it joins the largest number of genii and species (about 80). It is characterized by a great morphological and environmental variability and includes both fresh and sea fish species bearing significant fluctuations of temperature and salinity. Most of sea species live in coastal and intermediate waters, but there are deep water species, too. The body of Cottidae specimens is mostly bare or partially covered with scales, specula, bone plates; the head is usually or flat, covered with calluses and apophyses, big-mouthed, but weak toothed, the body becomes thinner towards the tail. Pectoral fins are big, pelvic fins – small, sometimes absent. Dorsal fins are composed of spiky and soft rays, not always separated. Cottidae are big fish reaching length of 70 cm and weight up to 8 kg. They are most often met near western Kamchatka. All species are active ambushing predators.