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Silver salmon

silver salmonThis species is common in the rivers of both Kamchatka coasts. The most numerous populations were observed in Bolshaya, Kikhchik and Kamchatka rivers. Silver salmon can be easily distinguished from dog salmon and sockeye salmon by small dark spots on the back and sides, and higher caudal peduncle. Mating dress is one-color, without stripes or spots; fish become red-brown or dark-crimson. Males develop a big УnoseФ hanging over the lower jaw end. Young silver salmons can be easily distinguished from ones of chars and grayling: they are high-bodied and flat, with bigger mouth and eyes. Silver salmon may reach length up to 88 cm and weight of 6.8 kg (according to some sources, up to 14 kg); specimens entering rivers are usually 40-80 cm long (average length 56-74 cm), weighing 1.2-6.8 kg (average weight 3.0-3.5 kg). The run is very time-extended; it normally lasts from the end of June till December.

silver salmonKamchatka silver salmon is divided into summer, autumn and winter forms; the summer form spawns in September-October, the autumn one Ц in November-December, and the third one Ц in December-February. Spawning places are scattered from river estuaries to heads, mainly near streams, reaches, dead channels and arms with ground water outflow with the stream of 0.3-0.5 m/sec. It doesnТt spawn in lakes. A female lays roe into 3 or 4 redds. Alevins hatch in 86-101 days at the redd temperature of 4.5 degree above zero; the yolk sac degrades in 40 days after hatching. Young fish live in arms, lakes and main streams of rivers, on reaches and along the overhanging riverbanks. The major part of young fish migrates to the sea at the age of two years, some Ц at the age of three or four years. The migration period is very long and takes place in June-August. It may develop landlocked forms in some lakes which turn into separate populations. The landlocked form reaches pubescence at the age of four years. Migrating silver salmon hibernates in the ocean, to the south of Aleut isles, near the sub-arctic front.