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Sea fish of Kamchatka

Yellowfin sole

One of the most valuable commercial species is Yellowfin sole. It accounts for the major part of flatfish catch near western Kamchatka (50-70 %). It also lives near eastern the coast of the Bering Sea. The eyed part of its body is light-brown, the blind one is white. A dark strip goes through the base of the dorsal and anal fins on the eyed side of the body. Fins are yellow on the blind side. Its length may be up to 49 cm, weight – up to 1.7 kg, average length of the fish in the catch is 24-35 cm. Reproduction takes place in Kamchatka waters from the end of May till September with the peak in July. The yellowfin sole is a bottom seafish which may live in freshened waters near river firths.