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Sea fish of Kamchatka

Rock sole

Rock sole can be easily distinguished by the structure of the lateral line which makes a high arc above the pectoral fin and an additional dorsal branch well seen on the blind side of the body. The upper part is brown-grey with small dark spots.  The fish can grow up to 60 cm; its age of life is about 20 years. The average length and weight of specimens in the catch are 30-35 cm and 400-600 g respectively. The species migrates depending on the season. A big pubescent rock sole hibernates at the depth of 150-350 meters; the hibernating lasts from December till April. Spawning occurs in Kamchatka waters from March till April. After spawning, the species migrate from the hibernating place to the shelf, where it actively feeds on shellfish in July-October at the depths of 30-100 meters.