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Sea fish of Kamchatka

Flathead sole

A big mouth, the upper jaw passing through the mid-eye is nearly vertical. The lateral line is nearly straight. The eyed side color varies from grey to light brown, the blind side is light color. The species is quite big in size: length up to 58 cm, weight of 1800 g, a catch is usually presented with specimens 26-38 cm long, with the weight of 340-460 g (western part of the Bering Sea). It is a multiple spawning fish; reproduction takes 2 or 3 stages, its climax being in May-first week of June, at the depth of 20-100 meters. Flathead sole occurs at the depth of up to 1000 meters. In the summertime, it disseminates on the shelf between isobaths of 30-80 meters. In winter, it goes down to the upper sections of the continent slope (450-500 meters).