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Fish of Kamchatka' rivers

Thymallidae subfamily

Graylings are characterized with the mid-size mouth with small teeth, big scales and a long dorsal fin composed of at least 17 rays (cf. salmons – up to 16). Siberian grayling is met in Kamchatka waters.

Kamchatka Grayling

Kamchatka GraylingKamchatka subspecies of Siberian grayling lives on Kamchatka peninsula, in water bodies of Koryak upland, Penzhina, Anadyr and Paren Rivers. It is distinguished from other subspecies by long intersecting spots on the dorsal fin. Grayling prefers midstream and downstream sections of Kamchatka rivers; it is unlikely to be met in the upstream. It stays under rifts near the main flow. It prefers backflow sections between the main flow and the bank and under rocks and snags. Big graylings may stay in deep holes. There are lake and river forms: they hibernate in the lake, going up during the open water season into feeding streams and rivers. Grayling spawns in spring or early summer. Spawning takes place in the basin during the climax of spring flood. Spawning places are located in pebble-bottomed sleeves with slow flow, though the fish may lay roe near the banks of clear lakes. Grayling living in big rivers and large deep lakes grows fast, gaining 1-1.5 kg for 8-10 years. The growth rate is dependent on living conditions, above all being the size and depth of water bodies, the duration of open water season and abundant food.