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Sea fish of Kamchatka

Saffron cod

The saffron cod occurs almost everywhere in Kamchatka coastal waters, from Penzhin Bay (north-west coast) to the western part of the Bering Sea. The most numerous groups are met near firths of big rivers, sometimes the fish goes up into the lower courses of the rivers. The species may grow up to 53 cm and have a weight up to 1.1 kg, age of life – up to 15 years. The catch is usually represented by specimens 25-35 cm long, as a rule 2-4, and sometimes 5 years old. At this age the fish reaches pubescence. The species reproduces in costal waters, gulfs, bays, in freshened waters near river firths in December-March. It is very sensitive to temperature during reproduction period: spawning takes place under ice at a temperature of 1.6-1.8 ?С below zero. After spawning, saffron cod disseminates in the coastal waters, but doesn’t go far into the sea and occurs in the disseminated state; it is unlikely to form colonies.